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The law library moved into its current location on the first floor of the Lorain County Administration Building in 1991.  At that time the facility was remodeled to create the pleasant, comfortable environment that exists today.  Listed below are the services that the library provides for its members.


Two photocopy machines are available for member use.  Copies cost 10 cents.  Members purchase a blue copy card for $5.00 and 10 cents is deducted from the card each time a copy is made.  The copy card can be regenerated for any dollar amount up to $30.00, in $1.00  increments.  The same 10 cent charge applies to any copies made on the network printers or on the microfiche reader/printers.  Copies made by library staff cost 25 cents each.


The charge to either send or receive a fax is $1.00 per page.  Transmissions outside of the United States cost $1.50 per page.  Photocopy charges may also apply if the document needs to be copied in order to be faxed.


The conference room is located across the hall from the library.  It may be reserved for client conferences, depositions, arbitrations and meetings.  The larger inner conference room accommodates 12 people.  The smaller outer conference room will accommodate 4 people.  The conference room can be reserved by calling the library at (440)329-5567 for availability.  There is no charge to reserve the conference room and its use is currently restricted to library members, county offices, judge's offices, and those having cases pending in the county.  The larger room is equipped with a phone jack, electrical outlets, a projection board, TV, VCR, and a speaker phone.  All long distance calls must be made with a calling card.


Members may access the Internet in the library through the library network.  Internet Explorer browser software is used.  Any pages printed cost 10 cents.  Downloading or e-mailing information can be done free of charge.  Floppy discs can be purchased for $1.00.  Zip disks can be purchased for $2.00.  Blank CD-R CDs can be purchased for $1.00.  Blank CD-RW rewritable CDs cost $2.00. 


The WESTLAW. COM computerized legal research system is available for member use in the library.  There is no charge for this service long as the member stays within the library's subscription plan.  Charges for searching outside of the library subscription plan can range from $4.00-$20.00 per minute.  Normal printing charges apply to WESTLAW printouts, but e-mailing and downloading of material is freeThe librarian can assist members with their WESTLAW search if their search skills are rusty.  West representatives offer free WESTLAW training sessions at the library periodically.  These training sessions often qualify for CLE credit.  Check the “What’s New?” section of our web site for training dates. 


A number of CD-ROM products are available to use in the law library, and many are also available to library members remotely through the members only section of the law library web page.  Check the most current CD List to see what titles are available.

Laser printers are available for printing at 10 cents per page.  Documents can be downloaded or e-mailed by the member at no charge. 


The law librarian can assist members with their search for information.  Reference service does not include legal research instruction, or legal advice.  If the library does not have the information that a member needs, it can usually be acquired from another law library for copy or fax costs.


Medical charts and a variety of anatomical models can be borrowed from the library for up to two weeks.  Call the library at (440)329-5567 for a complete list of objects available.


Most items can be borrowed from the library for 14 days.  Those materials that have a red "not to be taken from the library" sticker on them may be only taken overnight. 


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