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You are about to use one of the most sophisticated technologies available on the Internet.  This Web Based System provides you a way to use Windows Programs as if you were working on a large business network.  You will have access to Business and Research Programs, your own disk drives and printers, secure and private network folders which are backed up nightly and archived monthly, network laser and color printers, and special storage media like Zip and CD Rom to which you can save documents.

These programs and resources will perform with the speed of a powerful Pentium® III computer, even if your computer is much less powerful.   You may notice a "typing delay", as a result of Internet Congestion, but your searches and programs will run very quickly.  You will not have to install any programs on your computer however, you will add a "control", "plug-in" or Java® to your browser. 

Once you click on "Login", you will a new web page and be asked to log in.  Use the User Name and Password provided by the Library.  Once you have logged in, the  LCLLA Application Server Portal will open in a new window.  There is extensive On-Line Help and Tutorials in the Microsoft Products and there are many basic and advanced books available on Office XP®.  The most important aspect unique to these programs will be printing and working with files.

When you save or retrieve a file, you will have a choice of disk drives.  Your options are as follows:

A: A$ on Client                     Your local floppy drive.

B: Floppy1 on User1            Floppy drive in library.

C:, D:, E:                                RESERVED do not use.                                          

F: CDRW1 on User1           CD Recorder in Library

                                               (CR-R and CD-RW)

G: Zip1 on User1                  Zip Drive in Library.

My Documents                     Your SECURE network folder*.

L:,R:,S:,W: on LCLLANT     RESERVED do not use.

C$ on Client                          Your local hard drive**.

*Secure Folder Note:  This secure folder may be used to store documents, presentations, databases and spreadsheets.  It is backed up nightly Monday thru Friday.  If a file is deleted or corrupted it can be restored, in many cases, a month later.  Files that exist on the last Friday of the month are Archived and may be restored for as long as the library provides this service.  Files stored in this folder may be accessed from a computer with an Internet Connection anywhere in the world.  Your password is your key and the folder has the maximum security available.
**Local Drive Note:  You may see more than one drive letter depending on how many local disk drives you have.  If you have a C: and D: they will appear as V: and U:.

When you print you will have a choice of printers as follows:

\\ LCLLANT \ printer                         A Library printer.*

ex. \\ LCLLANT \ HP2000 C Color Printer is the Library Color Printer.

your computer # your printer          A local printer on your computer.

ex. My PC#HP DeskJet 720 would be a Inkjet Printer on your computer.

Acrobat PDFWriter                          Creates Adobe PDF files.

MS Publisher ....                               Creates special files.

*Library Printer Note:  There is a cost of 10 cents per page to print to a Library Printer.  You must contact the Library Staff before printing to a Library Printer to ensure your documents are collected and held for pick-up.  Normally you would print to a Local Printer except for Color, Duplex, Envelope, and Page Saver printing.

When exiting an application, always select <FILE> from the menu bar then <EXIT>.  Do not use the "Close Window" Control [X] located in the upper right-hand corner of the program windows.  Be sure to save your files before exiting.  You may have more than one program open at a time.  It is possible to create special storage folders which can be shared with other Library Members.  For more information on this and other features contact the Library Staff.


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