To log on to your application set, enter the following information:

  1. If your network is configured to use multiple server farms and your administrator has not configured Quest vWorkspace Web Access™ to log you into all farms simultaneously, you will be presented with a drop-down box from which you need to select a farm to log into before logging in. You may save your selection by checking the "Remember my selection checkbox" to bypass this step upon future logons. You can change this selection at a later stage in your personal preferences (Preferences > General).

  2. Your Windows username and password. Asterisks (*) are displayed in this field instead of your password as you type in order to conceal your password from others.

  3. You may be required to choose a domain from a dropdown box, or enter one manually into a text field. This will depend on how your administrator has configured the authentication for Quest vWorkspace Web Access™. The domain is the name of the computer network area you use to access your applications. The various login scenarios are pictured below:

    Option 1: Logging on without any options

    Option 2: Choosing domain from dropdown

    Option 3: Enter domain into free text field

  4. You may also be required to enter a one-time passcode if your network uses two-factor authentication, in which case you will enter the passcode generated by your electronic token. The login area may then look something like this:

  5. If your administrator has enabled credentials pass-through, you will be automatically logged in and presented with your published applications.

  6. Additionally, you may be required to select the "client type" at logon. Users working from their offices or from home will generally log on using the Windows client, whereas users connecting via "kiosk mode" (connecting using a computer where you don't have permissions to install software programs, such as Internet cafes) should select the Java client.

    Additional option: select client type

To see information about changing your password, go here.