Modifying Your Personal Preferences

You can customize the way your applications are presented in various ways. Your system administrator configures which preferences will be available for you to configure. The settings listed below may not always be available. When you configure your application set, the settings are remembered the next time you log in using the same computer.

To modify your preferences, click the Preferences tab above the application set/login fields.

You then have four different preferences sections that are accessible via four corresponding tabs:


This section allows you to:


This section allows you to:

Local Resources

This section allows you to:


This section allows you to:

Each of the above sections (with the exception of the General section) may be configured to be farm-specific in the case that your network is multi-farm enabled. In this case, you may select the farm that the settings apply to from the dropdown box above the "Save Changes" button. If there is no dropdown, it is safe to assume that there are no multiple farms to choose from.

Tooltips are provided next to each item for a more in-depth description of the item. To view the tooltip, simply put your mouse cursor over the info icon.